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OKPAY: How to exchange OKPAY in few clicks?

Looking for an exchange of OKPAY to Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies with the best exchange rates? Turn to us and we will surely help you!

OKPAY payment system review

OKPAY Inc is a company registered at British Virgin Islands which entered the market in 2010. Thanks to its partnership with a holder of UK financial license company Mayzus Financial Services Ltd (former UWC Financial Services Ltd) this payment system provides its client a range of payment processing services as well as money transfer sending and receiving and other services.

OKPAY is not an electronic currency actually. This is a payment processor of e-wallet type based on banking technologies, though it is widely used by owners of digital currencies. The key capabilities of the system are the following:

  • Multi-currency accounts – from USD and Euro to pretty much any of those existing on the planet
  • Instantaneous payments which are final and non-revocable
  • Rich set of options for web-resource integration and client payment processing with support to large set of payment means and integration to all key shopping card interfaces.
  • Mass payments features.
  • Low internal transfer fees (0.5%). A fee for a big sum will not exceed $2.99 (or Euro/Pounds or the equivalent of $3) which is quite interesting for transactions of mid-size and large sums;
  • Two-tier partner program with participation conditions being among the best in the industry. They envisage you earning 20% of those fees paid by your fist-tier referrals and 10% - from those fees paid by your second-tier referrals.
  • Reliable account protection system with SMS authorization option;
  • Large selection of means of account replenishment and funds withdrawal.

Our service’s capabilities

Using our services you can exchange OKPAY to bitcoin, litecoin and other electronic currencies.

We are a licensed financial company and our services will allow you to perform money transaction with minimum expenses. In case of questions – contact our 24/7 multi-language support. Be sure about the safety of your funds and quickest possible processing of your applications!

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