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Temporary processing fees change for USD, GBP, CAD SWIFT transfers

Dear users, we're glad to inform you that we restored an option of selling Bitcoin via bank SWIFT transfers in USD, CAD and GBP currencies. Temporarily we process the transfers through payment processor and currently we offer the following fees:

USD - 0.6% fee (but not less than $45);

CAD - 1% (not less than 27 CAD and not bigger than 40 CAD);

GBP - 0.6% (but not less than 12 GBP).

Please notice that these conditions are temporary. At the same time we don't take our fee for these transactions at all (it's 0%!). Soon we'll be ready to offer you more attractive fees. We'll notify you again - please check our news!

As for EUR and AUD SWIFT transfers, the fees for them remain the same as always.

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