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Migration to 247exchange v2.0 starts this November!

Dear customers, this is the last update you'll see at the "old 247exchange"! Please read update at our blog with all the details >

247exchange v2.0 to be started in 2017, crowdfunding campaign coming soon!

Dear clients! We apologize for inconvenience caused by our banking problems and hope to serve you again soon. Our plans are the following:

  1. We continue working on «247exchange 2.0», ideal digital currencies exchange. Please check our blog post covering some of the features and tell us what you think!

  2. Since a lot of you are based in Europe and the European banking options for non-EU entity are currently very limited, we decided to relocate our headquarters to the Europe.

    This is a very important step forward allowing us to provide you the most requested payment/withdrawal options very soon. The fees will be lowered and mostly important, we’ll never face banking problems forcing us to “pause” the service.

  3. Nearest time you’ll be offered an opportunity to own a part of 247exchange and our future enterprises. We’ll need additional funding for above-mentioned purposes; being probably the most customer-centric company on market, we decided to reach existing and potential users instead of venture capitalists.

It’s a pity that unforeseen circumstances forced us to temporary stop the service, but it creates a wonderful opportunity for you to share our future success! We’ll post an update with the details very soon, follow us and get ready to become co-owner of InterMoney Exchange in 2017!

The service is paused

Dear clients! Unfortunately, banking problems force us to put the service on pause. Please note that we're doing it temporarily. We are trying to resolve the problems ASAP, please follow our social networks accounts to be the first to know about future reopening. Our business development team is open for any business proposals and offers. Thanks for staying with us and sorry for inconvenience; we hope for your understanding and will try to resume the service ASAP!

Instant buying Bitcoin with Neosurf prepaid vouchers is available!

Dear friends, we're very excited to announce that we added support of prepaid vouchers providing a completely instant and extremely simple way of buying Bitcoin with cash. We signed a partnership with Neosurf, a company with the headquarters in Paris, France, which was created in 2004 in order to make online payments possible for everyone, including those customers, who don't have bank accounts or credit cards.

The system allows users to purchase the unique and secure voucher number (10-digit pincode) and make purchases on their favorite websites or top up their online accounts by entering this code. Neosurf codes can be used one or more times. You can buy a Neosurf voucher as a card, available in the values of €10, €15, €20, €50 and €100 with cash, card or cheque at any Neosurf selling point nearby or purchase a Neosurf voucher from one of online resellers as well. 

Neosurf has a worldwide network of more than 135,000 (!) points of sale. Over 81,000 of them are located in Europe, 45,000 - in Africa, 7,000 - in Canada and 10,000 - in Asia and Australia. Use this online locator to find the nearest point of sale - it can be a kiosk, store, ATM, etc.

To buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency with a prepaid voucher, please submit an order choosing Neosurf as a payment method, locate the nearest point of sale, visit it to buy a voucher there, and finally input a code from it into your order. In just a few minutes you'll get your bitcoins! Purchasing cryptocurrencies using Neosurf vouchers is easy and convenient on

Please watch this short video to know more about Neosurf services:

Update regarding the CAD payments. 50% discount!

Dear Canadian customers,

We must inform you that Vogogo, Inc which we use for processing Interac Online and EFT/eCheck payments will close its payment processing business on August, 4. Both methods will be temporarily turned off, we apologize for that. At the same time we’re searching for an alternative. The Canadian market is very important for us, we're focused on it and we’ll certainly continue supporting it!

Buying Bitcoin via Interac option will be restored as soon as possible. Meanwhile, purchases in CAD will be available all the time via credit/debit cards, and it's completely instant. We’re giving you a 50% discount on buying Bitcoin this way as a compensation for these inconveniences. Our fee has became only 1.5% (instead of 3% as before). The offer will be active for 2 months, till October, 5. Thanks for your patience and staying with us!

6 more fiat currencies added!

Dear customers, we’re happy to declare that our service began to accept 6 more fiat currencies for instant credit/debit card purchases! The following national currencies have been added:

DKK (Denmark)

JPY (Japan)

NOK (Norway)

NZD (New Zealand)

SEK (Sweden)

TRY (Turkey)

That means that cryptousers can now buy Bitcoin with credit/debit cards in 11(!) different currencies (and of course, it’s completely instant!). Besides the ones listed above, we work with USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD. At the moment totally 14 currencies supported: CZK, RON and ZAR can be used for bank transfers. Forget about currency conversion and additional expenses! We’re doing everything to provide you convenient, fast and inexpensive service. The list of available currencies will continue to grow - check our updates!

VISA/MC credit/debit cards re-enabled for both buying and selling Bitcoin

Dear users, we're glad to inform you that we re-enabled both buying and selling Bitcoin services via credit/debit cards. We apologize for the long maintenance! But as a result we have the better payment processing now. Feel free to place your orders and thanks for your patience! Soon we'll offer you new currencies and other features - check our news!

Credit/debit cards payment gateway is undergoing maintenance

Dear customers, our payment gateway is undergoing maintenance, our IT department would try to finish the work as soon as possible. There might be some problems with accepting credit/debit card payments during the weekend, sorry for possible inconveniences!

Temporary processing fees change for USD, GBP, CAD SWIFT transfers

Dear users, we're glad to inform you that we restored an option of selling Bitcoin via bank SWIFT transfers in USD, CAD and GBP currencies. Temporarily we process the transfers through payment processor and currently we offer the following fees:

USD - 0.6% fee (but not less than $45);

CAD - 1% (not less than 27 CAD and not bigger than 40 CAD);

GBP - 0.6% (but not less than 12 GBP).

Please notice that these conditions are temporary. At the same time we don't take our fee for these transactions at all (it's 0%!). Soon we'll be ready to offer you more attractive fees. We'll notify you again - please check our news!

As for EUR and AUD SWIFT transfers, the fees for them remain the same as always.

SWIFT transfer option recovered for USD, GBP and CAD currencies

Dear users, we're glad to inform you that we restored an option of selling Bitcoin via bank SWIFT transfers in USD, CAD and GBP currencies. Please read about our temporary processing fees (we'll lower them in the future) in the next update.

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