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Credit/debit card limits

Dear Customer! According to our Fraud Prevention Policies, we have the following limits for credit and debit card purchases (calculated in USD, even if your card currency is other than USD):

After 15 days * After 15 days * After 30 days * After 30 days * After 30 days * After 30 days * Want more?
Daily (24h) 100 150 250 350 500 1000 3000 Apply for a custom limit!
Monthly 300 500 1000 2000 10000 30000

After some days of using your card with us, your limits will increase automatically. Your starting (overall) Limit is $100 that will be raised to $150 Daily and $300 Monthly if you’ll buy for (at least) $50 within 15 days. The next limit ($250/500) will be achieved after another 15 days; but pay attention that you should spend at least $100 during that period.

Don’t worry, it’s way easier than it sounds! All the information about your current and next limits, requirements etc. is available from your Personal Account, «My Cards & Limits» page. The idea is simple: the longer you use your card with us, the more you can buy! Don’t forget, you may order the limit increase any time if you feel that you can’t wait.

* - since you've got the new level

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