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InterMoney Exchange (the owner of the service) is creating the new standard of digital currencies exchange - easy, safe, affordable and available for everyone! We have a number of advantages that distinguish us from the competition:

  • Licensed financial activity (details) by reputable compliant company;
  • Risk-free service without holding clients' funds, instant delivery;
  • Lowest fees, regular promotions and special offers;
  • Local payment options in 110+ countries!

Accepting all credit/debit cards; 500,000+ locations to buy/sell bitcoins with cash worldwide!


  • Ivan

    23.04, 2015

    I am extremely satisfied with speed and quality! It took me half a day to complete verification of my details. Then I received a call to my mobile and a rep confirmed that I am welcome to use the service. Purchasing Bitcoins took about 10 minutes with my debit card! So if you are okay with the rate (not the best around but reasonable enough), this is really the best exchange available.

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