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Purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, others using fiat currency


Withdraw Bitcoin, Litecoin and others to fiat money


Convert one electronic currency to another

Easy, safe & instant way to buy/sell Bitcoins:

InterMoney Exchange (the owner of the service) is creating a new standard of digital currencies exchange - easy, safe, affordable and available for everyone! We have a number of advantages that distinguish us from the competition:

  • Licensed financial activity (details) by reputable compliant company;
  • Risk-free service without holding clients' funds, instant delivery;
  • Lowest fees, regular promotions and special offers;
  • Local payment options in 110+ countries!

Accepting all credit/debit cards; 500,000+ locations to buy/sell bitcoins with cash worldwide!


  • amoschinoz

    18.02, 2016

    Great site and reliable. I was able to buy and sell bitcoins fast without any hustle. When you sell they transfer the money to your credit card within 3 working days.

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  • jack

    19.01, 2016

    very fast service, helpful

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